If you are looking for vehicles for sale, Gauteng boasts a huge offering. At the end of 2017, and that’s four years ago, there were a total of over 12 million cars registered on South Africa’s roads. Gauteng has the largest number of registered vehicles on the roads of all the cities in South Africa, so it is no wonder there are so many for sale in Gauteng.

South Africa’s motor industry is big. We manufacture, we import, and we resell. We are a society with very little reliable public transport, and as such, many aspire to have a car of their own. Explore your options. Wherever you go, vehicles are available. From Pretoria and Bloemfontein to Cape Town and Johannesburg, there are thousands on the market. Whether they are new cars or used ones, there are pickings for everyone.

The choice of vehicles on the market can be quite overwhelming.  Do you go for a bakkie or an SUV?  Do you choose a manual model or an automatic one?  Do you opt for electric windows or roll down? At Atterbury Motors, we can help you to find a pick that suits your budget and needs.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking at cars for sale, Gauteng most definitely has the most comprehensive range. Our city is one of streamlined roads and highways that take you to work, school commitments or social gatherings. But Gauteng, as much as it is a big province, is varied. In just one hour away, you can escape the smog and smoke and revel in country roads that require more than just a city vehicle. You need the best of both worlds: a city car and a weekend journeyman to take you on picnics and city escapes.

Our showroom is replete with offerings.  We have a comprehensive range of vehicles available, all of which have gone through rigorous Dekra Testing. Dekra gives you and us peace of mind. It is a certification that checks the safety of the vehicle, the roadworthiness of the car for sale, and tests and confirms that all mechanical and technical aspects of the cars are up to scratch and thus safe.

You will find a host of cars for sale with us and are always welcome to browse our showroom.

Be Roadworthy – Legally

If you are considering buying a used car, then you will require a roadworthy certificate that is legal. There are so many cars for sale, and if you are selling or buying privately, you will need to undertake this legal Roadworthy certification yourself.  At Atterbury, we take the admin out of every purchase.  Prior to the vehicles being registered in the name of new owners, we will get all your certification cleared and make the process simple and easy.

After a tough year and a global pandemic, we believe it’s time for some simplicity. As well as having cars for sale, our dealership offers very competitive trade-ins on your current car. You can rely on us to get the best possible price. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and offer professional service every single time. Get in touch today!


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