You’ve Seen the Sign: “Used Cars for Sale

Few other industries have such a vast gulf between the top and bottom end as the South African motoring industry. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to used cars for sale. The sheer range of experiences available to used car shoppers is huge, notwithstanding South African laws having improved over time in an attempt to limit the bottom end of consumer experiences. There are more expensive cars for sale – and their economy versions, of course – but beyond the new car market lies the secondhand market, and this is where fortune or failure awaits!

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) has gone some way towards streamlining used car sales, as it has the consumer experience overall, and for example, the term “voetstoots” (take it as it is–no comebacks) has disappeared from car ads, officially at least. It’s no longer acceptable to tell someone to inspect a vehicle for themselves and, if they’re happy, pay and leave with zero comebacks. The CPA recognises that most of us don’t have the mechanical eye to be able to determine whether a car is a dud, even when we see one right in front of us. This isn’t a matter of embarrassment – how many people would feel totally at home opening a laptop and making repairs? It’s a specialised skill, and so is spotting the pros and cons of a used car for sale.

We assume that we’re supposed to have some kind of pro appreciation for vehicles, but that’s unfair on ourselves ­– mechanical issues are no less specialised than tech issues, culinary issues, or fashion issues. If you’re not working in the industry every day, no one should expect to present as an out-of-the-box car expert!

How to Appraise Used Cars for Sale

What to do then, when we are all often enough in the market for a used car but also immediately wary of being taken for a ride? It becomes apparent how heavily you need to trade on the integrity of the seller when shopping pre-owned cars, and this is the fulcrum, the tipping point which can make or break the experience for you. Deal with a charlatan, and you’ll end up buying someone else’s problems and being sour about them for a long time. Deal with transparent people who are unambiguous about their integrity, and you’ll join the ranks of those who saved money, bought well, and got everything they wanted.

In this mostly digital age, admittedly, it’s not easy to spot integrity with the constant bombardment by all and sundry, especially when everyone pitches “great deals” or other customer experience-oriented blurbs. How do you know? Well, you’d do well to look for a dealership with a certain minimum standard. Go directly to your ideal and, assuming you’ve been practical about that desire financially, you know you’d like to get just that. You’ll eliminate everything but the top tier, and that means that no matter your budget, you’ll be buying from a dealer who stands behind their vehicles (because they’ve opted to sell only the best value for money vehicles.)

Atterbury Motors Has Been Around a Long Time

We love seeing our old clients again at Atterbury Motors because they’re more often than not back to buy another car! We provide the kind of peace of mind consumers could expect not that long ago–and our customers have vindicated us each and every year. We don’t keep lousy cars, period, and everything you buy from us – from a Polo to a Pajero–is guaranteed to meet your expectations and provide years of stylish service.

Are you looking for great used cars for sale? Call us first!