In the current economic climate, many people are choosing to purchase used cars for sale instead of buying a new car. When purchased from a reputable supplier, they offer clients a great quality product for a fraction of the original price. Used cars also have a number of positive benefits on the environment, as well as your pocket. While BMW has recently invested in solar petrol to make their vehicles carbon-neutral, many normal folks choose to do their bit for the planet and reduce their carbon footprint by opting for a second-hand car model. When you buy your used cars for sale from a trusted source, they are bound to be as good as new.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car

There are several reasons why you should rather opt to buy second-hand, including:

  • Saving money: They are a fraction of the price of brand-new models and are thus a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend years paying off a brand-new model. It is estimated that buyers can save up to 50% on a second-hand model. Parts for these vehicles might also be cheaper than their newer counterparts.
  • Lower premiums on insurance: Many people who opt to buy used cars for sale also have lower insurance premiums, which means you save even further on your monthly expenses.
  • Doing your bit for the environment: While we can’t all match BMW’s latest initiative with their solar petrol, we can do our small part to heal the planet. Buying second-hand cars reduce the output of carbon dioxide and other chemicals in the manufacturing process.
  • Supporting a smaller dealership: When you choose to buy used cars for sale, you also support an independent establishment and in doing so, put money back into your local economy and community.

Why Get Your Used Cars from Atterbury Motors?

We pride ourselves on integrity, high-quality, and outstanding service and aim to give clients a first-class service at an affordable rate. We have an array of second-hand models at our showroom in Wonderboom South, Pretoria, and encourage clients to come and have a look at our models for themselves. Alternatively, customers are welcome to browse our new arrivals on our website and contact one of our friendly sales team by sending an email to Alternatively, phone us at (012) 329 8843. We have an array of world-class brands for sale and house everything from Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to Volkswagen and Porsche and we cannot wait to meet your 4-wheel needs.