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Fraud Warning

“Herewith Atterbury Motors formally distance themselves from any activity/transactions performed by SA Used Car and Used repo auto’s .com. This company is stealing photos from our website and advertising vehicles at very low prices luring prospective clients into paying large deposits on this vehicles. They then immediately withdraw the money in cash and no longer take the clients calls. They operate rather professionally and the client suspects nothing. You also receive an invoice prior to making the deposit from SA Used Car Delivery. They will send you many pictures of the vehicle stolen from different dealers websites. Please do not buy blind or pay a deposit on an invoice which is not from us. Also phone us first on 012 329 8843 and confirm we have such a vehicle in stock and the actual selling price. Do not be fooled. We are participating in a forensic investigation and ask all victims of this fraud, to come forward by contacting us, providing details of what have happened along with the SAPS Case number, if available.”

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Please note that holding deposits are only valid for 24 hours after payment has been made. Deposits are refundable on request.

POPIA Consent

Here at Atterbury Motors, we treat your personal information with care and it is protected by firewalls. Your personal information will only be used for the intended purposes of:

• Facilitating the selling or purchasing of a motor vehicle, after you made an enquiry.
• Processing Vehicle Finance on your behalf if needed.
• Ensuring a safe transaction offering and quoting on the necessary Insurance products to limit your risk in doing so, in ex; a Mechanical Warranty, Comprehensive Insurance.
• Assisting you thoroughly after buying or selling a motor vehicle, should you need assistance after the sale.

Our small network of suppliers includes a limited nr of Financial Institutions, Motor Workshops and Insurance providers, assisting you and us to receive a fully transparent financial transaction and well prepared motor vehicle. Your information will only be shared as needed and only that part which is applicable, selectively, only where absolutely necessary for the above intent. If you are happy with this, please click “Accept” and “Continue”. If not, please email us directly for more guidance on where and how we may use your information. For your assurance, we do not participate in mass direct marketing campaigns, nor share information with parties not pertaining to the transaction.