There is no denying that we are the best place to find high-end used cars for sale. If you are looking for a used car that’s in excellent condition? You’ve come to the right place. At Atterbury Motors, we pride ourselves On selling only top-quality pre-owned vehicles.

Before entering the process of purchasing a used car, it is important to have a set of questions to ask the dealer, as there will be many similar cars for sale, so why purchase this specific one? When looking at what used cars are for sale, it is vital to look at the history of the car. The outside of a car might be in excellent condition but be aware and take note of any accidents or repairs the car might have had in the past. You don’t want a pre-owned car that’s had a good touch up job but has faulty mechanics!

Always ask the question: ‘why is this used car for sale?’ If you are lucky, the seller will give an honest reason. They will hopefully give a breakdown of the pros and cons of the car. This information can be useful to determine any long-term issues. Also note, some information can be left out, leaving you an unhappy consumer, so be sure to ask and examine whatever you can.

Lastly, once the right car has been found, it’s time to negotiate. There are so many cars for sale right now, so it’s time to enter into a discussion. Bring up any concerns you have about the car to try and reduce the price, but also mention what aspects you love. The seller should be open to negotiation, and therefore, both the client and seller should walk away feeling happy with the final price.

Second-Hand Vehicles – The Way Forward

With 2020 having left our economy in tatters, the used car market is the way to go. Many potential purchasers simply don’t have the money to go the new car route. Over the last 12 months, it’s become clear that used cars for sale prove to be a more popular choice.

And now – what to choose? The Volkswagen Polo proved to be among one of the most popular car options in 2020. It is a classic and timeless city car with space for the family and friends. It’s an affordable option and suits all genres. Reliable German engineering and a sporty look make it a popular choice. Next up is the Ford Ranger. This car can be used in the city but is also great for weekend trips in the bush when 4×4 mode is necessary on those rocky dirt roads. Lastly is the Volkswagen Golf. Another VW model that’s up there in the top sellers. It is low-maintenance, reliable, and comfortable for a long trip. This is an ideal car for students and young adults.

So many used cars for sale, so much choice. Contact us today and let us help you to find the perfect wheels for every adventure.