Additional Services/ Fees

Important Information about Value added service:

Atterbury Motors spend on average +/-R12 000 per vehicle on a variety of services to get our vehicles tested and improved, we provide a Financial and Insurance Advisory service, and get our vehicles tested by the Dekra for their Roadworthy. We use Independent Contractors for the Licencing and Registration service, to ensure a quick and effective process. We are proud of the level of quality of our vehicles and spend significantly on improving them. For the R7990.00 Service and Delivery Fee, you get much more than what you pay for. We are proud to add significant MORE VALUE than what we CHARGE FOR as we are EXCEPTIONALLY PROUD of our work and the quality of stock Atterbury Motors carry. We hope this brings you reassurance, in the vehicle and service you will receive from Atterbury Motors. (Please note, this being a used vehicle, some small scratches and normal wear/ tear on the vehicle might remain, despite improvements. Note that excessive spray work, diminishes the value of a vehicle and that a used vehicle cannot be made new. We do however believe, that by the time we are happy with the vehicle, you will be too. Please ask for photos and a video of the vehicle, if you are buying from afar and not able to view the vehicle, prior to reserving it.)

Service & Delivery (S&D): 
Service and Delivery (Lic/Reg Excl.): R5990

Dekra RWC (Dekra Roadworthy Certificate) @ R570.00
Cosmetic repairs to vehicle (Interior and Exterior) average @ R1290.00
Valet @ R550.00
Refuelling @ R500.00
Paint Protection (Glazing) @ R1190.00
Finance and Insurance Advisory Fee @ R1,390.00 (As per legislation, the Dealership needs to thoroughly explain the Financial Agreement and offer applicable Insurance products, thereby reducing the risk associated with owning, leasing, maintaining, and repaying a motor vehicle. The Dealership contracts, professionally qualified, FSCA registered, Finance and Insurance Business Managers for this purpose).
Documentation Fee @ R500.00
Licence and Registration Breakdown: R2000.00
License & Registration Agent charges @ R100.00.
Registration of vehicle in new owner’s name. Where a vehicle is financed, the vehicle is registered in the Financial Institution’s Name as “Titleholder” of the vehicle and the New Owner is registered as “Owner” average @ R261.00.
Licencing- a New Licence Disk is obtained for the vehicle for another year from date of sale, average @ R1000.00.
New Number Plates/Backing Plates: (if registration number changes) average @ R300.00.
Permit (while awaiting your new licence disk and plates): R250.00
Courier Charges – Were the Natis/Registration Document and Licence disk needs to be sent to the client after delivery, it is sent via Secure Courier with a reference number. Average cost @ R190.00.

The Service and Delivery charge is compulsory on all vehicles financed or bought cash. Vehicles not sold with a Service and Delivery fee, is sold via Specific Offer to Purchase – cash only, stating it is excluded from the CPA (Consumer Protection Act.) and sold in its existing condition. The vehicle is not tested, not declared safe and is sold in its original, non-improved condition.

Clients residing out of Gauteng Province needs to obtain their own licence disk and number plates, in their Province of residence. The Dealership refunds the associated cost. All cash buyers may opt to licence and register their own vehicle, then a reduced Service & Delivery Fee is charged which amounts to R6490.00 instead of R8490.00. Please send Dealer Proof of Registration within 21 days of delivery of prior to Roadworthy expiring.

POPIA Consent

Here at Atterbury Motors, we treat your personal information with care and it is protected by firewalls. Your personal information will only be used for the intended purposes of:

• Facilitating the selling or purchasing of a motor vehicle, after you made an enquiry.
• Processing Vehicle Finance on your behalf if needed.
• Ensuring a safe transaction offering and quoting on the necessary Insurance products to limit your risk in doing so, in ex; a Mechanical Warranty, Comprehensive Insurance.
• Assisting you thoroughly after buying or selling a motor vehicle, should you need assistance after the sale.

Our small network of suppliers includes a limited nr of Financial Institutions, Motor Workshops and Insurance providers, assisting you and us to receive a fully transparent financial transaction and well prepared motor vehicle. Your information will only be shared as needed and only that part which is applicable, selectively, only where absolutely necessary for the above intent. If you are happy with this, please click “Accept” and “Continue”. If not, please email us directly for more guidance on where and how we may use your information. For your assurance, we do not participate in mass direct marketing campaigns, nor share information with parties not pertaining to the transaction.