Covid 19

Covid-19 – Novel Corona virus Interventions – Atterbury Motors

What is Atterbury Motors implementing, to do our bit in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 Novel Corona Virus:

HANDWASHING: Each Personnel member is expected to wash their hands thoroughly, every two hours for 20 seconds. A handwash record is kept in the bathroom on each floor level, to monitor handwashing per person and compliance in this regard, please set a reminder on your phone for every two hours. We need transparency and accountability in this regard as handwashing is scientifically proved to THE MOST effective measure in preventing the spreading of diseases due to the fat layer on the skin being removed, in which viruses/bacteria harbor while simultaneously killing/removing the virus.

REPLACING OF HAND TOWELS IN BATHROOMS, WITH PAPER TOWELS. All hand towels are replaced with paper towels in all the bathrooms.

NO PHYSICAL CONTACT/LARGE MEETINGS: No more physical contact, for example: Handshakes, high five’s, hugs and kisses are replaced with an elbow bump. The GMM (General Monthly Personnel Meeting, is cancelled for two months and will soonest resume in June 2020. See notices sent throughout.

NO FACE TOUCHING: Personnel are prompted not to touch their faces if they have not washed their hands shortly before, but to try avoiding it all together.

FEVER/DRY COUGH/SEVERE COLD/FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS – PERSONS REFUSED ENTRY: Any personnel member which has a fever and a dry cough are send home or should call in and report their condition to call the Corona virus Helpline/WhatsApp group number: 0600 123 456. All customers which these symptoms will unfortunately be refused entry, we will however try and accommodate you on a distance and resume assistance once tested negative. Your identity and documents can be verified electronically, all bank contracts signed electronically, and documents send and supplied at a distance. Your vehicle can be delivered to your home or work.


COUGHING/SNEEZING: Use one’s elbow. Tissues are to be thrown away, straight away in a dustbin and flushed when experiencing a runny nose, temperature or cough.

MASKS: We are in the process of manufacturing reusable Masks which will be washed in boiling water daily after use. Each personnel member will receive 3x allocated masks, and masks for customers will be available and disinfected/washed daily. Please ensure customer return mask on exiting the premises and placing it in the Mask Container.

DISINFECTION OF OFFICES, BOARDROOM, OUTSIDE LUNCHEON ROOM, STOREROOMS, BATHROOM AREAS, KITCHENS PROTOCOL: Will be done according to daily schedule with alcohol gel/spray and/or bleach solution (dependable on surface).

The following will be disinfected THREE TIMES per workday:

  • Kitchen Surfaces (Dishes to be placed inside Plastic Disinfectant Tub which is filled with Milton/Bleach solution – until it can be washed, please clean plates and coffee mugs/glasses beforehand and ensure empty – no dishes or cutlery to be on surfaces)
  • Toilets/Basins, toilet brush handles, Handwash dispensers and Air spray nozzles
  • Door Handles of inside and outside Rooms
  • Key Safe- Protocol – Each person to disinfect, the Key Safe opening latch and key, vehicle key lock safe pin and the actual key before and after use, as well as the actual key, with either an alcohol swab of the disinfectant spray to be placed on top of the Key safe.
  • Clock in system – Protocol – Fingerprint screen and pad – Each person to disinfect prior and after use too, with an alcohol swab.
  • Computer Keyboards/Screen, Mouse, Telephones, Aircon/TV Remotes
  • Allocated stationary per person
  • Printer Buttons (scan and print) and lid and inside.

The following to be disinfected ONCE DAILY via Boiling water wash, Milton/Bleach solution

  • Masks for personnel, and Masks for clients (which want to use it) available always, to be returned daily, thrown into Mask Container “Masks to be processed/disinfected after the daily use/Dealership visit”. Reusable Masks (once manufactured) 3x sets per Personnel member (One on the face, one in the Wash/Being Disinfected, one busy Drying and being Sealed again. – 3-day process).
  • Dish Towels/Cloths
  • Cloths used for disinfecting surfaces. Each cloth replaced twice a day with a clean one, all cloths used the day disinfected at end of the day. It remains disinfected throughout the day as alcohol rub/spray and bleach solutions used throughout the day via them.
  • All floors, Tables, and glass surfaces in office.
  • Diagnostic Machines
  • Outside taps, Hoses, Battery Charging Trolley Handle

VEHICLE DISINFECTIONS – To be done by Stock Controllers, Drivers, and Car washers, Sales Personnel as per below. Follow the following rule, who-ever process/touch the vehicle, does the disinfection as below.

All vehicles which arrive and go, are being processed, before and after Demo, Test Drive, Delivery, will be sterilized in the following manner:

  • Door handles inside and outside of vehicle
  • Steering Wheel
  • Seatbelt connectors
  • Radio knobs/buttons and Screens, also Odometer screen
  • Cabby hole latches and lid
  • Aircon buttons
  • Hand brake
  • Bonnet Latch
  • Boot Latch

(Before and after Demo/Test drive – to be done by salesperson, prior and after demo/ test drive/ delivery.)
(Taken to supplier – To be done by stock controller/driver/car washer before vehicle go and after vehicle return).