Which Car Is It Going to Be?

Thinking of buying a new car? It’s been a rocky road for the last twelve months or so, and due to lock down, a period of not much travel. Maybe it is time to think about a new car to take out and about once again! At Atterbury Motors, we strive to make finding superior cars for sale in Johannesburg as easy and uncomplicated as can be. If you are on the hunt for a new car, let Atterbury Motors steer you in the right direction and support you in finding something that is ideal for your lifestyle and needs.  

Due to Covid-19 still being very much a part of our daily lives, Atterbury motors have realised the importance of having both strict Covid regulations in the actual showroom, as well as having a far greater and more comprehensive online presence.  Our online showroom allows you to scroll through our various options of used and new cars for sale in Johannesburg and displays detailed information about every vehicle with all the specs, modifications, prices, colour, and mileage. 

Finding cars for sale in Johannesburg is easy. There is a plethora of car dealerships out there waiting to strike a deal. Finding cars for sale in Johannesburg that are reliable and have a good history are a little trickier to find. At Atterbury motor, we stock a large variety of the most popular and reputable car brands. The diversity of our range enables clients to truly get a scope of what is out there. One of our friendly team members will help you through the entire process and help you find the car you are looking for.

Are you a speedster? Or an off-road junkie looking for the latest big wheeled 4X4? The Nissan Frontier maybe? Or perhaps you prefer the classic models? If you are looking for cars for sale in Johannesburg, try the Mini Cooper. It is a great compact little car for city driving. If you want to add a little spice to life, then look at the convertible cars for sale in Gauteng. Feel the breeze of the wind in your hair with the soft top down. The Cooper Sports model is punchy and exciting to drive, and for city appeal its very cute to look at. You don’t even have to wear your mask when you are on the open road!

We understand that sometimes you need a few different options when purchasing a new car, which is why we offer a variety of financial solutions to help you when you are interested in buying cars for sale in Johannesburg.

Client Is King

We believe that it is about so much more than just a car. Our authentic client service is the very foundation on which we built Atterbury Motors. From chatting about what model you are looking at, to what driving experience you want, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy and dependable every step on the way. We get as excited as the purchaser when showing our range of cars for sale in Johannesburg. It is all about that moment when we hand you the keys that open doors to a new adventure.

Left with questions? Need more advice? Our highly skilled team of dedicated experts are eager to help you out with any enquiries. Feel free to contact us via our website, give us a call, or visit us in person. We are Covid-19 friendly and ensure all safety and health precautions have been adhered to. Join us for a cuppa and let’s chat!