If you have ever bought a “lemon”, you will probably be wary when it comes to buying pre-owned cars again. The problem with this is that, by avoiding pre-owned cars, you will be spoiling your chances of purchasing a top-quality used car at a very attractive price. Yes, they do exist.

At Atterbury Motors, we have many quality used cars for sale, but do not just take our word for it. We always welcome our clients to pay us a visit, test-drive our vehicles, and carry out their own checks to ensure that they are comfortable with the purchase. Of course, our buyers hand-pick each used car that we stock, and a great deal of time goes into testing and checking that the vehicle meets a suitable standard. And we do not just mean on the outside; the inside and under the bonnet are very important too!

Below are a few tips to ensure that you are only considering quality used cars for sale:

  • Only deal with reputable used car dealerships. Atterbury Motors has a variety of testimonials for your perusal. We are also members of IDA (Independent Dealer Association), part of the Motor Industry Ombudsman TPP (Transaction Protection Project), and we are FSB-registered FSP representatives.
  • Only purchase a car that looks good as new. All our vehicles are valeted, polished, glazed, and have minor paintwork repairs carried out on them.
  • Only purchase used cars that have gone through stringent tests and inspections, and have the reports to prove it. Our vehicles go through AA101 DEKRA tests. All suggested repairs are carried out before an approval report can be provided.

The thing that is for sure when you consider buying one of the quality used cars we offer for sale is that you can really save a great deal of money, even if you need to finance the car. The value of the car is far lower than a new one, your repayment period can be reduced, and your monthly instalments can be set an affordable value. You can also make back more of your money when selling your used car than you can when you buy a brand-new one, because a used car suffers from a lower rate of depreciation.

We welcome you to come and test drive some of our vehicles. We have quality used cars for sale to suit all budgets and requirements. Simply pop into our dealership on the corner of Johan Heyns Drive and Fred Nicholson Street in Wonderboom South and chat with one of our used car sales consultants.