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Top Cars for Sale in Johannesburg

Life in the city can be busy and it is important that you find a car that can keep up with your lifestyle. Allow us at to help you find the perfect car to help you navigate the Jozi streets and the world beyond. Whether you are a young working adult, a busy student, or a family, your car should be able to fit into your routine, budget, and also your plans for the future. If you are considering purchasing a new car, take a look at our list of the top cars for sale in Johannesburg.  

The Family Car

School trips, after-school activities, sports, family vacations, and grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier. Our pick of the month if you are looking for family cars for sale in Johannesburg is the Hyundai iX35 2.0. This car is perfect for a family with a busy schedule. The smooth driving will allow you to ease through Joburg traffic, and the spacious interior will ensure that there is room for everybody.

Student Living

Student life can be overwhelming and exhilarating and the biggest adventure all at once. From navigating the busy Johannesburg streets to taking a road trip somewhere nearby for the weekend with your friends, you need a car that can take you places. The Volkswagen Polo Vivo is our top pick this month for students and young adults who want the perfect combination of work and play.

For the Adventurer

Sometimes, all you need is a good adventure. Find cars for sale in Johannesburg that match your active lifestyle. Our pick of the month is the Isuzu KB 300. Hit the road in style and be prepared for anything life throws your way. The Isuzu bakkie is the perfect car for those who want to navigate the streets of Jozi yet hit the occasional off-road track. The cab space also offers plenty of room for you to pack all the necessary equipment for a getaway.

At, we pride ourselves in putting the needs of you and your family first. After a tough financial year in 2020, for many individuals in South Africa, we know how important it is to find a dealership you can trust with finding the right cars for sale in Johannesburg, as well as your finances. At, we offer world-class inhouse finance and insurance services, whilst keeping it authentic and personal to every individual client. We also have dealer codes with all the major Financial Institutions, including Wesbank, MFC, Absa, Standard Bank, and Lemas. This will ensure your finance application and transaction is speedily processed up to standard.

Regardless of what your new year may entail, we hope that your new car will take you on many memorable journeys. If you are ready to start thinking about buying a new car, be sure to have a look at our extensive range of cars for sale in Johannesburg. Alternatively, feel free to give our dealership a call for any queries you may have about finding the right car. We would love to assist!

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