Top-Quality Used Cars for Sale in Pretoria

Used cars being offered for sale by a myriad of dealerships line the streets of Pretoria. In fact, such is the supply that it can be quite bewildering and it is, therefore, understandable that the public is generally at a loss of good criteria that they can use to sift through the clutter and find a reputable dealership where there they know they will be treated ethically and where they can buy the used cars offered for sale on its showroom floor with peace of mind. Atterbury Motors stands out as a premier purveyor of pre-owned vehicles and our list of credentials ably demonstrates why we are one of the top dealerships in the Jacaranda City.

  • Quality. If you visit our showroom at the corner of Johan Heyns Drive and Fred Nicholson Street in Wonderboom South, you will immediately notice the superb condition of the used cars for sale on our showroom floor. That is because they are stringently examined during an in-depth AA Dekra roadworthy test and carefully detailed to remove all minor chips and scratches before they can go on display.
  • Affiliations. If one’s character is known by whom one associates with, we are at the top of the class. We are members of several national bodies, including Blue Chip Dealers (a premier independent dealership network), the Independent Dealer Association (IDA), and the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIO SA). Their code of ethics governs all our dealings with the public.
  • Accountability. As a direct result of our association with the above institutions, we are accountable for the way we do business and the buying and after-sales experience we offer our clients. It ensures that our customers can have complete peace of mind when buying from us.
  • Variety. The variety of used cars for sale from Atterbury Motors reflects the changing face of the South African motoring industry and the tastes of local consumers. The normal medium-sized sedan has fallen out of favour with the buying public and has been replaced by the crossover, SUV, and bakkie. You will find a range of these vehicles at our dealership as we strive to provide what South Africans want.
  • Services. We are your 1-stop shop where you will find all the services you will need during your car-buying experience. Naturally, we offer finance on site through Absa, Standard Bank, Iemas, WesBank, and MFC but we also offer various value-added services and products, such as mechanical warranties, tyre/rim cover, retrenchment cover, deposit protector, credit life, and roadside assistance.

South African motorists are known for their sophisticated tastes and preferences in terms of both new and used cars, which is clearly demonstrated by the fact that premium brands sell in proportionately large numbers here. In fact, in the later years of Volkswagen’s Golf 7 production, around 60% of the ubiquitous people’s car’s sales were that of prestigious, sporty, and expensive GTI and R models – the highest in the world. It is to such a discerning market’s needs that Atterbury Motors cater and if you take into account everything mentioned above, you would have to agree that we do far more than just offer used cars for sale.

POPIA Consent

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• Facilitating the selling or purchasing of a motor vehicle, after you made an enquiry.
• Processing Vehicle Finance on your behalf if needed.
• Ensuring a safe transaction offering and quoting on the necessary Insurance products to limit your risk in doing so, in ex; a Mechanical Warranty, Comprehensive Insurance.
• Assisting you thoroughly after buying or selling a motor vehicle, should you need assistance after the sale.

Our small network of suppliers includes a limited nr of Financial Institutions, Motor Workshops and Insurance providers, assisting you and us to receive a fully transparent financial transaction and well prepared motor vehicle. Your information will only be shared as needed and only that part which is applicable, selectively, only where absolutely necessary for the above intent. If you are happy with this, please click “Accept” and “Continue”. If not, please email us directly for more guidance on where and how we may use your information. For your assurance, we do not participate in mass direct marketing campaigns, nor share information with parties not pertaining to the transaction.